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Project BCN-2024-02

Updated: Jun 3

The complete series of blog posts: Day 1 here, Day 2.  Day 3Day 4. Day 5 and Day 6.

Barcelona Trip 2024, Day 2

Hotel Attica 21, Barcelona Mar

If you’ve been following the blog since Day 1, let me start by saying I did manage to stay up, meet with my sister, and have a nice dinner (ceviche). My Apple Watch said I was on my feet for 22 hours. When I finally got to bed, I closed my eyes and immediately fell asleep. The next day started early - I peeked out from the balcony and noted the sunrise.

I happily noted that my next Point of Interest, La Torna, with its famous boccadillos, is open from seven AM, so Digicam and I were off procuring breakfast. The market was just opening, so I grabbed a couple of shots before the flurry of tourists. And the boccadillos did not disappoint.

The streets had a welcoming morning light, with people, taxis, shops, and cafes getting ready.

After breakfast, we decided to visit a bookshop for my sister. Inevitably, I wasn’t able to get out without buying something. Still, the walk was worth it, as I noticed a Jeff Wall exhibition advertisement on a wall (with lowercase W). I got super excited. I did not expect to see a photography exhibition; this was my first Jeff Wall show. So we walked and circled the Rambla probably four times during the day.

Kombucha of the Day: Lime and Lemon from Flax&Kale. While we sampled the kombuchas (I’d prefer it way more fizzy), we also had lunch at Flax&Kale, and I had lovely fish tacos.

Then we went one more round towards the Rambla, this time for MACBA, where we saw an excellent exhibition by Jordi Colomer.

With the Old Town segment of the trip done, we’ve moved over to our next stay near the Festival. Tomorrow - come back for festival photos! Maybe with the Digicam, maybe not. We’ll see.


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