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Project BCN-2024-06

The complete series of blog posts: Day 1 here, Day 2.  Day 3Day 4. Day 5 and Day 6.

Barcelona Trip 2024, Day 6 of 6

Hotel Attica 21, Barcelona Mar

The final festival day was a light one for me. I saw the Lemon Twigs (a cool young band) and stayed around for PJ Harvey. She was fantastic, and the show was great despite the heavy rain and my jacket's inability to resist rain. I really can’t complain about the weather; it was only the last concert that it really rained. Overall, I’ve found this year’s festival lineup good, with some favorites but fewer of them than in previous years.

Before Sunday's Electric Brunch x Primavera Sound event, I went to Basílica de la Sagrada Família. I decided it could not be a Barcelona photo blog without a snapshot of the Basilica. As it turns out, it’s all boarded up and being renovated. We have seen it looking almost complete at one point, but this time, it’s back to its natural form of constantly being worked on. Still, the walk was worth it.

We also managed to get some great seafood, and then it was time to check out the electronic music event. This kind of DJ music is not what I’m into, so I used this occasion to capture the beautiful people in beautiful light as the sun did its golden hour thing. I missed my “good” cameras this time, but still, I managed to catch some fun characters and worked with my constraints, and it was fine.

My flight on Monday is only in the evening, so I used the extra time to take another photo walk, this time to find the Gotic Ferments brewery. Most of it was uphill and a pretty long walk to the Horta-Guinardo district. At least I got some “looking down” shots into the city. The lady at the Kombucha place was quite unhappy with my visit. These places are usually not retail shops, so it’s uncommon for a stupid tourist like me to show up for a bottle. Still, she took pity on me and offered a lovely ginger-lime kombucha, which I needed after the uphill climb. Next time, I should pre-arrange my visits.

Overall, what a fantastic week! I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog. Please let me know if you’ve found it interesting, as I’m still experimenting with this format. And I hope to be back on my next adventure.



Jun 12

Thanks for sharing & always keep blogging!


Krisztina Lénárt
Krisztina Lénárt
Jun 04

I have enjoyed the blog! It is easy to dive into your experiences and the pictures mean more to me with the stories around them. I even bought some kombucha.

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