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Project BCN-2024-03

Updated: Jun 3

Barcelona Trip 2024, Day 3

Hotel Attica 21, Barcelona Mar

The complete series of blog posts: Day 1 here, Day 2.  Day 3Day 4. Day 5 and Day 6.

Finally, the Festival began with its traditional free-for-the-public opening day. After several random opening acts, the day's headliner was Phoenix, and I was looking forward to seeing them. It was great to be back on the festival grounds. Every year, it’s a little bit different, but it's still familiar. It’s Estrella beer again at the festival; I prefer this to the Heineken Years.

From the opening acts, I enjoyed the Ratboys, easy-listening guitar rock, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves as opposed to Tropical Fuck Storm, who were boring and bored. The Phoenix show was all right. Maybe it’s just my ears, but the vocals were slightly off throughout the show. I have seen them doing better. Still, it was fun and a very lively experience with theatrics and crowd surfing.

My main activities were watching the crowds gather at sunset, sipping a drink, and walking around with the camera. This year, the crowd is much bigger than usual. At times, it felt unorderly and slightly threatening, particularly in the toilet area and when exiting the festival grounds. I hope the subsequent days will be better managed.

I’m not leaving this blog entry without the Kombucha of the Day! This morning, we visited Bioma Kombucha and had a great experience taking a peek inside their brewery and sampling the best kombucha I've had in Barcelona. We tried “Cosmic Love: Hemp and Hops the Union of Serenity and Relaxation” and “Creative Mind: Rosemary, Mint, and Lavender,” both were perfectly fizzy and complex in flavor. I saved the address for future visits. Here are some of our day walk shots - tomorrow, we will be back with more headliners and festival shots.


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