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Project BCN-2024-01

Updated: Jun 3

The complete series of blog posts: Day 1 here, Day 2.  Day 3Day 4. Day 5 and Day 6.

Barcelona Trip 2024, Day 1

Hotel Colón, Barcelona.

Flying from Hong Kong is an eight-hour leg to Doha and another six hours to Barcelona. I managed to nap for about four hours and was horizontal for many more, so I’m not entirely dead. It was too early to check into the hotel, so I dropped my luggage (“We recommend leaving your passport here; we have a pickpocket problem”). It’s time to take my new-old digicam for a photo walk!

I’m glad I booked the first night in the middle of the Gothic district, just across the cathedral. I’d go insane if we stayed here for a week, but for a day, this is awesome. It’s gothic architecture, street art, and just an endless flow of tourists. It's all colorful and noisy, and I think the grungy, pixelated, low-dynamic-range digicam aesthetic fits the place perfectly.

I’ve been coming here for over ten years, always with my sister, for Primavera Sound, except when we had to skip during the COVID years. We always spend some time in the city before the music festival and try to take a photo walk a couple of times before the shows start. Of the thousands of photographs, only today’s digicam shots make some sense to me. I wonder if this is just a fun gimmick or if I could make a body of work with this. There is no rush to create something; I intend to come for at least the next ten years!

For breakfast, boccadillo with Iberico ham and coffee. For lunch: boccadillo with Iberico ham and coffee. I also picked up a snack cone with ham, cheese, and salami at the market. I do love this stuff. Recently, I’ve pivoted from looking for craft beer during travels to looking for kombucha. Health and all. First kombucha: a zesty ginger and lime one from Kom Vida. Mission complete! And the walks are lovely; we’re looking at 25,000 steps. In the early afternoon, I fell into a zombie state, but after half an hour of sitting still, I returned to normal.

Will I fall into a coma, or will I be able to wait for my sister to arrive and go for dinner? I’ll report tomorrow. Will I use all five kilos of photography gear on this trip or only the digicam? Let’s find out together. Day one is an unqualified success!


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