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Fresh Fruit, Old Market

I came across the Yau Ma Tei fruit market while looking for street photo scenes. First, I noticed the old buildings. Then on my next visit, I ventured in. I quickly realized that I was onto something. The steady, overwhelming flow of people, the colors, lights, and the heavenly smell of durian grabbed me. Then I came back, weekend by weekend. I've shot the crowded alleys inside, the sellers, the fruits, and did my best to make a record of the heavenly fruit. Finally, one seller took pity on me and offered a piece of freshly opened durian - I will be forever grateful.

Weeks into the project, the government announced sweeping plans to revitalize the neighborhood, moving the wholesale market, and making the area into a tourist attraction. From then onward, it became a mission for me to complete a photographic project and share with the world: this is how the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market was, how it is, and how I came to know it.

Wholesale Market (from 4 AM till 6 AM)

Day Market


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