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Cha Kwo Ling Village

A photo walk with the Hong Kong Photography Meetup

I’ve spent a scorching hot Saturday afternoon visiting Cha Kwo Ling Village in Kowloon with the Hong Kong Photography Meetup group. I didn’t do any research in advance, and was surprised to find out it’s a squatter village, a small shanty town.

Lots of criss-crossing alleyways go up and down on the hillside. Despite its poor conditions, the village has a community center and a beautiful little stone temple. Here’s the burning ceremony in action at the temple:

The village has an amazing view of Hong Kong city across Victoria Harbour. The contrast between the two sides of Hong Kong is really thought provoking...

The locals were not supportive of being photographed, except this friendly, slightly battered cat!

The organically evolved architecture is crazy, impressive, random and beautiful at the same time.

Just across the road, there’s a construction site, no doubt building modern, and prohibitively expensive apartments, malls and offices for a different set of tenants. Until it’s done though, the village’s people own this amazing sunset view.

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